Brandon talley

the passionate talker

the social butterfly

the Oscars are his Super Bowl

enneagram - 8

watches The Office on an endless loop

is more animated than a cartoon

if he knows it, he sings it (or whistles it)


sarah talley

the gentle listener

the introvert

loves literary classics 

enneagram - 1
will binge anything True Crime 

has a passion for learning new things

"Chick-Fil-A" will always be the answer to "Whats for dinner?"


are parents to our adorable son Abel

have an unhealthy love for Ben & Jerry's

travel to a new place every year for our anniversary

are major foodies

live for the laugh

are true opposites in every way

the Perfect balance


our why

our heart behind 

what we do

We are a husband and wife videography team, and we LOVE making wedding films! We first met each other in our third grade class at Willow Spring Elementary School. We remained just friends throughout middle and high school, but one day, the lights came on in our heads, and when we were just 17 years old, we fell in love! Then, after five long years of dating we finally got married!

We love love stories, and we are super passionate about marriage! We don't think being married has to be a drag! As a matter of fact, we think marriage is a gift, a delight, and a constant adventure! Successful marriages aren't just for the chosen few, but for those who choose once and for all to never give up.

We want to help young couples start off on the right foot by sharing what we have learned so far in our own marriage, by being a supportive and encouraging presence, and by creating a beautiful reminder of one of the most precious days of your life!

Creating wedding films is incredibly satisfying for us because we get so much joy out of telling the unique story of each of our couples! Nobody has the same story, and we love artistically and beautifully unfolding each one through video! We would love to get to know you!

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