Katlin & Kamil | Upstairs at Midtown Wedding Videography | Charleston, South Carolina

January 23, 2021

Katlin knew of Kamil… he was the handsome service guy in her company’s New England territory! She may have admired him from afar, but they never actually spent time together until April 2019 while they were at a sales meeting for their company in Orlando. They were brought together on a rooftop bar as it poured down rain. They chatted for a little bit that night, and later, Kamil got Katlin’s number from a coworker, and they instantly hit it off.

They spent the rest of the week trying to be super sly and sneaky about sitting next to each other and hanging out together…but apparently everyone saw it coming! During a big luau dinner on the third night of the sales meeting, their attraction to each other became pretty obvious when Katlin and Kamil played corn hole together and were basically inseparable all evening.

On Friday, before Kamil flew back to New Jersey and Katlin to North Carolina, Kamil told Katlin that he’d like to continue to talk and maybe even see her again. She said “sure,” but she figured she would never see or hear from him again since they lived several states away.

Well, she was wrong!

Within a month of meeting, Kamil asked Katlin out and committed to drive 8+ hours (each way) for their first date!

That’s when Katlin knew that Kamil was not only handsome, but he was intentional, dedicated, and willing to pursue her like God intended. Kamil was so nervous during that entire drive – and who can blame him! If the date went south, that’d be one long drive home! After just a few dates, they knew God had created them for each other. From the beginning, Kamil said he wanted to make their long-distance relationship work and committed to seeing one another every 2-3 weeks… and he kept that promise.

Katlin and Kamil spent many hours talking, Facetiming, texting, driving and flying. They explored North Carolina and New Jersey, and they eventually expanded their adventures to new cities, states and countries. Long distance was challenging and daunting, but Katlin and Kamil’s love story is unique & stronger for it.

For New Year’s Eve 2019, Katlin and Kamil drove to Charleston, South Carolina for a few days. Katlin had previously scheduled a photo shoot on New Years Day for the two of them, but little did she know, when they met the photographer, Kamil secretly let her know he was going to propose! Between the two of them and their nonverbal cues, they found a charming alley close to the iconic Rainbow Row of Charleston to take some photos. After snapping a few pictures, Kamil grabbed Katlin’s hands and informed her that this wasn’t just a “normal photo shoot!” He got down on one knee and asked Katlin to be his wife!

Then, on November 13, 2020, Katlin and Kamil got married in the same city they got engaged in! They had the most beautiful Charleston wedding! Their original wedding plans included getting married in Raleigh with all their friends and family, but COVID caused them to change their plans. They cut their guest list down and moved all their plans to Charleston–they basically replanned their whole wedding from scratch! We were so honored to be able to film this beautiful day for them. When you see the film, you’ll understand why we were saying all day that this was a “royal wedding!” It was the most classy wedding for the kindest couple, and we’re so excited to share their wedding film!

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The wonderful vendor team:

Videographer – Sarah and Brandon Films

Photographer – Tossing Wildflowers Photography

Venue – Redeemer Presbyterian Church | Upstairs at Midtown

Wedding Planner – Amy DeVito with Buttercup Events

Florist – Festoon Blooms

Hair/Makeup – Lashes and Lace

DJ – Dwayne Bright with Bunn DJ Company

Transportation – Low Country Valet (Magnolia is the car’s name)

Catering – King Street Hospitality Group

Baker – WildFlour Pastry

Officiant – Reverend John Song

Stationer – Swoozie’s

Rentals – Snyder Events

Bridal attire –  Justin Alexander

Bridesmaid’s attire – Bill Levkoff

Groom’s Tux – Kannon’s

Groomsmen attire – Bernard’s Formalwear

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