Sarah and Brandon Films Rebrand Story!

August 12, 2020

Today is the day!  We are so excited to finally reveal our new brand for Sarah and Brandon Films to you!

We contacted Kelsea with Kindly by Kelsea at the end of last year about rebranding our business. We picked Kelsea because, first of all, her work stood out. The brands she created were story-driven, personalized, and creative, and that’s exactly what we wanted for our own brand. We were looking for more than just a pretty logo and new colors (although we definitely got that!), we wanted our brand elements to mean something and for it to feel like “us.” So we hired Kelsea, and at the beginning of 2020, Brandon and I worked on filling out Kelsea’s extensive brand questionnaire and adding to our collaborative Pinterest board!

The brand questionnaire was so eye-opening for us! Kelsea really had us dig deep into our “why” and figure out who our ideal client really was. Brandon and I had talked about those things before, but this questionnaire asked us some great questions that helped us clarify what we really wanted! If we had to boil it down, Sarah and Brandon Films is all about telling the stories of spiritually inspiring couples in an emotional and artistic way through timeless wedding films. We strive to be approachable and authentic in hopes that our couples will feel comfortable around us and show us their real selves too. We believe in strong, long-lasting marriages, and we like to imagine that the films we create might just help our couples renew those feelings of love year after year while also inspiring their peers, family, and future generations to have a relationship like theirs.

The questionnaire also had questions about the things that inspired us! This was helpful because, ultimately, we want our brand to both feel like “us” and attract our ideal client! Then, in April, we had a Zoom call with Kelsea to go over our questionnaire and talk about our vision for our rebrand! This was all put together into a mood board that served as inspiration for our new brand, and when Kelsea sent this over along with our suggested brand colors, we loved it! It was spot on!

After meeting with Kelsea and approving our mood board, it only took a few weeks for Kelsea to create, not one, but two complete brand suites for us! Each one included primary and secondary logos, sub marks, and personalized patterns! We loved both of them, but the first one she presented to us resonated with us perfectly! We LOVED what Kelsea crated for us, and without further delay, here is the new look for Sarah and Brandon Films (if you’re curious about the brand suite we didn’t pick, you can see that one on Kelsea’s Instagram here)!


WOW! I mean, what a BEAUTY! When Brandon and I saw this, it felt like home! The fonts are to die for (I love the soft little curve on the end of the “R”), and I love that the script she used for “films” looks handwritten (I always write in cursive), and OMG, the crown of it all, that beautiful mono-line bird icon! Like I said above, this logo has meaning and significance to us! First, one of our goals in rebranding was to “mature” our look and give us a more professional appearance, and our new brand definitely does that!

The best part, though, is how Kelsea took our personal story and incorporated it into creating the bird icon. If you can’t tell, the bird is actually a phoenix!

We shared a little bit of our story on social media recently about how Brandon and I got started in making films. If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that in 2016, Brandon and I lost our daughter, Elizabeth, when I was 18 weeks pregnant. We were planning our life around becoming parents, and out of nowhere, that vision of our future was stripped away. In the months following her loss, I picked up photography, and honestly, it was a good distraction as well as a healing creative outlet. Brandon and I had to reimagine a future without our baby, and, at the time, it wasn’t a future we wanted. It looked empty. BUT, praise the Lord, God is able to redeem anything. Six months after losing Elizabeth, Brandon and I filmed our first wedding.

If you’ve known Brandon any amount of time, you know how much he loves movies! As a teenager, Brandon made all kinds of funny music videos with his friends. He even asked me to be in one of his videos when we were first crushing on each other in high school (so somewhere out there on the internet is a cheesy, cringy music video of me and Brandon being awkward to the song “Apologize” by OneRepublic, LOL)! So I guess that was technically our first film we made together. Anyway, all that to say, Brandon’s childhood pipe dream was to become a Hollywood movie director. He has always had an appreciation for the art of storytelling through film.

We never planned on being filmmakers, but God led us in this direction and put it in our laps, it seems so unreal! For us, this business is a “tangible good” that sprung out of hardship. God gave us something to dream about and look forward to again, and in doing so, he also fulfilled Brandon’s lifelong dream of being a filmmaker (maybe not in Hollywood, but that’s fine with us!).

After a few years, we finally had another baby, and we named him Abel Phoenix. We picked the middle name, Phoenix, to represent God’s beauty coming from the ashes. We told Kelsea about our story and how the theme of redemption was woven into it, and as a result, she created this beautiful phoenix logo!

Kelsea did a great job creating this beautiful, romantic, softened version of a phoenix. After all, we are a wedding brand, and we didn’t want it to be too intense. We also love the fade on the logo, giving the illusion of light hitting the bird to represent the light of God in our lives. In addition to the phoenix being significant to us for the symbolism of redemption, we also loved the additional layers of meaning that birds have as well. The Holy Spirit is often represented by a dove, and birds are naturally romantic symbols (think turtle doves or love birds).

We are so in love with our new brand! Kelsea KILLED it! She also designed simplified versions of our logo to mix things up to use in different places on our website and materials! Here’s what those all look like!

Secondary Logo

Simplified Logo

Submark Logo

And that’s not all either! Kelsea also designed two custom patterns for us to use in our branding! First, there’s this cute little bird pattern (I already have an idea of where I want to use it 😉 )

This next pattern is so impressive! In our questionnaire, Brandon said that one of the things that inspires him is the sky. He loves sunsets and clouds, it’s his favorite part of God’s creation (mine too)! Taking this information, Kelsea created this beautiful cloud pattern, and it pairs perfectly with the bird theme!

We couldn’t be happier with our new brand! Thank you Kelsea for creating our new “home,” and thank you to everyone who believed in us and supported us over the years! Y’all are seriously the best!

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