Local Raleigh, North Carolina Area Fun, Romantic Date Night Ideas

June 5, 2018

We love Raleigh! Brandon and I both grew up in Wake County, so we know our way around the Raleigh area (Brandon more so than me, haha). We have gone on a lot of great dates around here, so if you and your boo are looking for something to do, here’s a few suggestions!

1. Dinner. Brandon and I love good food, and we love trying new restaurants! Raleigh has a great variety of yummy restaurants, and we haven’t really found a place we didn’t like! We haven’t tried everything by far, but a few of our favorite downtown places include Brewery Bhavana, Beasley’s Chicken and Honey, The Raleigh Times, and Gravy. If you live around here and have any suggestions, let us know!

2. Museums. I know, I’m lame, but I think museums are so much fun! The Science, History, and Art museums in Raleigh are all free to get into, so if you’ve never been through them (and you’re a nerd like me!), then I’d highly recommend going through them! We especially love going when they have special exhibits. We went to the Titanic exhibit at the Science Museum and the Billy Graham exhibit at the History Museum. Then, the Art Museum is always playing movies and having outdoor music concerts in the summer!

3. Events. Raleigh always has something going on! Brandon will often search “things going on in Raleigh today,” and there is almost certainly a list of events happening in our area. One of our FAVORITE annual events to go to is the Bluegrass Festival! There’s live bluegrass bands all down Fayetteville Street, local vendors selling random stuff like jewelry or BBQ sauce, and lots of delicious food trucks! We also like going to things like First Friday, Artsplosure, and the Food Truck Rodeo! We pretty much like anything where we can just stroll around downtown, look at stuff, and eat from food trucks.

4. IMAX. It’s no secret that Brandon loves movies! So if a movie comes out that he specifically wants to see in IMAX, we will go to the Raleigh IMAX theater because, according to Brandon, the IMAX theaters at the regular movies aren’t “real IMAX screens…” whatever that means! Anyway, the IMAX theater in Raleigh also has matinee showings of educational-type documentaries, and I always think those are good! They are short films about things like pandas, the monarch butterfly migration, or the Lewis and Clark expedition (think National Geographic or the History Channel).

5. Parks. If you are looking for something more relaxing and outdoorsy, Raleigh has tons of great parks! The J.C. Roulston Arboretum is an absolutely beautiful garden with trails, a gazebo, and blooming flowers! We also love Fred Fletcher Park, Oak View Park, Historic Oakwood Cemetery, and Pullen Park! We love going to all of these places to walk around and just talk. Sometimes we will bring lunch or ice cream with us to eat in the park, and then we’ll lay on the grass and take a nap!

We are proud of our capital city! Brandon and I have spent many hours worth of dates in Raleigh, and we still feel like there is a lot for us still to discover. Let us know what your favorite thing to do in Raleigh is, we always love new ideas!


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