The Benefits of Having a Regular Date Night in Your Marriage

May 28, 2018

Date night was Brandon’s idea. Growing up, Brandon’s parents always went on a weekly date night, so when we got married, Brandon insisted that we prioritize having a weekly date night ourselves! I wasn’t as adamant about having a date night as he was, but it sounded good to me, so we did it. Now, date night is the highlight of my week! If you and you’re spouse don’t have a consistent date night, here’s a few reasons I think you should start one!

Photo by Stephanie Rose Photography

1. It’s Romantic. When you first get married, the newness of your relationship status makes EVERYTHING feel romantic! The honeymoon stage is full of sweet and romantic gestures, but over time, comfortability can many times cause complacency. Just because you are finally married doesn’t mean you aren’t dating anymore! The older you get, the more you may feel silly for acting like you did when you first started dating. But put away your insecurities and let your excitement and love show through! Try not to scoff at your husband’s compliments, or act nonchalant at your wife’s girlish giddiness. I know not everyone is the ooey gooey type, but whatever your relationship is like, keep up (or bring back!) the vulnerability and tenderness you had in the beginning!

2. You Get to Know Each Other Better. Your 50 year old wife will not be the same woman you married at 25. Your spouse is constantly changing! Day by day they will grow, learn, and mature, and over the years, you will both develop into different people. A weekly date night will keep you up to date on the latest changes! Brandon and I have been friends since we were eight years old, so we feel like we know everything there is to possibly know about each other! Early in our marriage, I started prompting Brandon, “Tell me something I don’t know about you.” It’s amazing how every week we’re both able to come up with something new! Most of the time we have to dig up an obscure childhood memory that the other hasn’t heard before. It’s crazy to realize that our lives are so complex that even in a lifetime together we will never exhaust all there is to know about each other! You can always go deeper!

3. You Make New Memories. Getting married and having kids doesn’t have to be the end of new experiences for you and your spouse! I’ll be honest, some weeks I really don’t feel like getting presentable (much less cute!), and leaving the house to go do something that will leave me feeling tired when I get home! It’s so easy to get into a rut and go through life just trying make it to the next day. Life can become monotonous, and the thought of going out to “have fun” doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to you. Date night definitely takes effort to plan and commit to, but the rewards are so worth it! I have LOVED learning and experiencing new things with Brandon, like trying ALL the new restaurants (we’re huge foodies!), learning new skills, playing games, or exploring new places! I love being able to look into our future with excitement, knowing that our best and most memorable dates and seasons of marriage can be ahead of us!

Having one night a week where you can get alone with your husband or wife, look them in the eyes, and just talk is so valuable! It stokes the fire so that it keeps burning and won’t go out. It allows you to check-in with each other emotionally and spiritually. And it forces you to be intentional about doing new things together. Even if your marriage is rock solid, a weekly date night certainly won’t hurt, and you will be grateful for the experiences you make together!

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