Four ways you can add personality to your wedding film

May 5, 2018

Every wedding has its own personality, and every videographer has their own shooting and editing style. While most weddings include a lot of the same things, there are a few things you can do to make your unique story stand out!

1. Write your own vows. The vows are the most important part of the wedding…they ARE the wedding! Giving your vows to each other is the part where you tell each other, and the whole world, what it is you are promising to each other! It’s the promise, the commitment, that everyone is coming to witness, it’s the reason everyone is coming together! We know a lot of couples get really nervous when they think about writing their own vows. It’s very vulnerable to open up your heart in front of all your friends and family and spill your deepest feelings for all to hear! But for us, as the videographers, personal vows are like audio gold! Personal vows allow you to add a personalized touch that no one else can copy because it’s unique to you! If you would like help writing your personal vows, click here for some tips!

2. Exchange notes or gifts. Another way you can add a personal touch to your wedding day is to write each other notes, or get each other gifts, to exchange before the wedding. This is a little less scary than writing your own vows! You could write a note reminding your fiancee of why you love them, what it is about them you love best, and how excited you are to marry them. This also provides great, personal audio if you are willing to read it out loud for the videographer to use. A wedding day gift can add a fun and meaningful element to your day as well! Giving a gift that is relevant and personal to your relationship can add personality to your film!

3. Ask people to give toasts. Toasts are a wonderful way to include those who are closest to you in your wedding film! They can give an outside perspective on your relationship and share their feelings about you getting married. Typically, the Maid of Honor and the Best Man are expected to give toasts, but we think you can ask anyone you want to give a toast! Ask people who know you well and will give heartfelt, personal speeches. Those toasts will be some of your most treasured memories from your wedding day!

4. Smile! This might seem obvious, like of course I’m going to be smiling, it’s my wedding day, but it might be harder than you think! Most people don’t smile ALL the time, especially if they are focusing on something or trying to figure something out. I can remember looking back through my wedding photos when we got them back, and when we got to the ones where I was reading Brandon’s letter to me, I was frowning in all of them! I thought, “Gosh, Sarah, why didn’t you smile!” I may have been happy on the inside, but on the outside I had my focused reading face on! So just remember to keep smiling, even in the in between moments, and tell your parents and wedding party to do the same (especially coming down the aisle!). This is the most joy-filled day of your life! Don’t get too hung up on making sure everything goes perfectly, just smile and laugh because it’s YOUR wedding day, so don’t let anything ruin it!

If you do any one of these things, it will help bring a personal touch to your wedding film! You want your video to reflect the uniqueness of your relationship, so the more personal elements you can incorporate into your wedding day, the easier it is for us to make your wedding film stand out! Get creative, come up with something that you’ve never seen at a wedding before. No one else has the relationship that you have, and we want to show everyone YOUR story.

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